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Agnostic Robotic Control System 



Robotic Platform

 RV Agnostic Robotic Control System (RV-ARCS) is a secure cloud-based system designed to connect, monitor, control while providing real-time data insights for operations, supervisors, and senior management. 



Real-time information



Jobs Scheduling | Remote Control



Robot Collaboration


Data Management

Access, analytics and presentation



RV-ARCS is a software intermediary that allows users to interact with different systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robots. Minimising the cost and time of building the entire architecture.

Robot Collaboration

Fully utilize all robots, not limited to perform a routine task, with the ability to collaborate through defined events.

Improve Operational Transparency

Managements and supervisors can monitor the status of all robots in real time.

Improve Data Analysis

The centralised management system stores all the collected data in one source, provide an easier and deeper insight



With data-driven Digital Twins technology

With the adoption of Digital Twins technology, RV-ARCS uses a large amount of real-time data, advanced analytics, simulation and machine learning to enable businesses to make better and faster decisions for developing a new control strategy.

Robots in real-time

RV-ARCS provides a centralized platform that users can monitor different robots on a SINGLE platform. The real-time information keeps track of ongoing missions, tasks and event alerts. 


Multi-robot collaboration

With RV-ARCS, businesses can utilize robot cooperation to efficiently handle different tasks by balancing the workload of the robots and ensuring collision-free scheduling.

Jobs scheduling

RV-ARCS allows users to automate everything from simple to complex missions, users can simply set up and maintain all tasks assigned to every single robot on the platform with just a few clicks


Interoperability between different brands of robots 

RV-ARCS provides simplified and efficient operations for different brands of robots and facility systems (e.g. lifts, automatic doors) and can be easily expanded as business needs evolve.

ARCS 3.png

With your enterprise management systems

RV-ARCS can integrate securely with your current enterprise management systems such as Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Building Management System (BMS) delivering even greater operational efficiency benefits.

Data Management

Data with Microsoft applications

RV-ARCS is embedded with Microsoft Power BI for tracking real-time robot status and generating performance reports, enabling data-driven decision-making. With the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, all your data will be protected in best-in-class multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Smart City-01.png

Empowering smart city applications with RV-ARCS





Real Estate

Public Sector

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