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Transporter FOBO Robot

Contactless transportation has become a highly sought-after demand under social distancing. Our transporter can work in hospitals, factories, offices or different indoor environments without using floor marks.

WHY FOBO Transporter Robot?

  • Path Learning: Our robots have the abilities to learn new paths as they encounter new situations.

  • Flexibility: The top modules could be tailor-made to fit different missions.

  • High Payload: offer payload capacities up to 70 kg to best suit various applications.

  • Autonomous navigation in the indoor environment on different floors (ability to communicate with and operate elevators)

  • Manual mode is available: Users can also control the transporter by controller.

  • Other advanced features include: Follow-me, auto-charging and obstacle avoidance


Dimension: 700(L) x 520(W) x 1400(H)

Weight: 120 kg

Load capacity: 70 kg

Running speed: 1.5m /second

Operation hours: 7 hours / 15km

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