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MOBO Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

A self-propelled Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

MOBO – A self-propelled Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which uses 2D matrix code or contour navigation technology. There are two payload models: 500KG and 1000KG. MOBO series have zero turning radius and are able to move both forward and reverse. Compact, flexible and agile, MOBO is suitable for high-density smart warehouse. Autonomous Forklift is the latest transformative product from RV Automation Technology Co., Ltd. It is powered by RV’s proprietary technologies including auto navigation, obstacle avoidance, assisted by SLAM Technology that enable our customers to reduce labor cost, optimize workflow and increase productivity. In addition, Fleet Management system can support multiple Autonomous Forklift to operate simultaneously and can be oprerated via smart devices or integated with web-based interface for company-wide implementation.


MOBO Smart Charging Station :

Automatic and customized charging modes enable AMR to operate 24 hours continuously.

MOBO Autonomous Mobile Robot :

MOBO helps transport inventory on racks to picking stations. Two different payload models include 500KG and 1000KG.

MOBO Rack :

Modularly designed racks enable dynamic inventory locations and ensure storage utilization. Racks can be customized to store large and small parcel boxes, single items, clothing and various types of inventories.


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