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Lucas-Nülle (LN) i4.0 Education System

German company Lucas-Nülle (LN) has committed to the development and production of high-end teaching and training systems for 40 years. LN products cover a wide range of fields with users all over the world.

LN’s products have become the benchmark for quality, efficiency and technology in training solutions. LN integrates advanced concepts of German engineering education into its solution design. Its systems advocate development of students’ ability in problem solving and self-learning; LN commits to making the teaching process more vivid and efficient. LN also introduces latest automobile and new energy technologies into product R&D and program planning in order to ensure perfect combination of technology and education.

LN pays attention to the entire project implementation process and provides customers with "one-stop" solutions from initial design to product support training with long-term benefits of users in mind.

The product covers a wide range of industries, including:

  • Electrical installation and smart buildings

  • New Energy

  • Power Engineering

  • Vehicle Powertrain Technology

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  • Communication Engineering

  • Microcomputer Technology

  • Automatic Control

  • Vehicle Engineering


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