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Food and Beverage Delivery Robot

The outbreak of COVID-19 has reshaped our lives and it has ignited the discussion of contactless delivery with the aim to avoid the spreading of virus and enhance the public health level. RV’s Food and Beverage / Delivery Robots provide autonomous delivery of food, beverage, or various cargos from point-to-point on the same or different floor through coordination with elevators. The compartment in our robot could be customized to accommodate different missions.

WHY Food and Beverage Delivery Robot?

  • Autonomous navigation in the indoor environment on different floors (capable to coordinate with elevators)

  • Able to operate on slope at 3 degrees inclination

  • Various carriage options available: Packaged food, drinks, documents etc.

  • Other advanced features including: Follow-me, auto-charging and obstacle avoidance


Dimension: 540(L) x 535(W) x 812(H)

Weight: 80 kg

Load capacity: 30 kg

Running speed: 1.5m /second

Operation hours: 8 hours / 15km

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