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RV Automation Technology Limited (“RV”) announced the official launch of ARCS

21 March 2023

RV Automation Technology Limited (“RV”) announced the official launch of ARCS – a self-developed Agnostic Robotic Control System powered by Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology on 14 March 2023. With the deployment of ARCS on Microsoft’s Azure platform, RV is proud to be considered by Microsoft as a “first-of-a-kind integrated people-centric robotic application”.

RV is committed to developing a variety of robotic solutions that tackle specific challenges, with an ultimate goal to integrate these technologies into our daily lives and support different sectors such as healthcare, smart city, hospitality, and aviation. During the event, RV was pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate how ARCS could provide simplified and efficient operations for different brands of robots and facility systems on the same platform.  RV also showcased the use of ARCS to analyze centralized data, illustrating the system’s capability to streamline data collection and analysis process, as well as its great potential incorporating the use of business intelligence.

Special thanks HKSTP for providing the perfect venue (INNO2) to showcase ARCS’s extensive functionalities and capabilities at the event.

With steady and widespread adoption, RV anticipates robotic solutions will become indispensable in urban planning and infrastructure projects in the future.

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