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26 August 2018

The RobEx Centre has the ability to be operated 24/7 as well as reduce the need for physically demanding human labour. RV’s proprietary algorithm maximises the use of space within the RobEx Centre. The integrated big data analysis tool takes into account of peak hours, impact of weather on delivery times, and reduce human errors in storing and delivery of parcels.

Through RV’s automatic warehouse solution, the storage racks with lockers will be picked up by the Autonomous Mobile Robot (“AMR”) to and from the front station automatically when users need to pick up or place their goods in the lockers. Users can access the system either through a smartphone app or the control panel installed at the front station of the RobEx Centre. Facial recognition technology is utilised for enhanced security.

Mr. Rio Chau, Chief Executive Officer of RV, said, “We thank HKSTP for the continuous support. Many companies worked with us to make the RobEx Centre a reality, from technology providers, to e-commerce and logistics and delivery companies. We hope to bring a whole new 24/7 user experience for consumers as well as bring multiple benefits for warehouse operators with potentially new revenue streams in warehousing services.”

The RobEx Centre is expected to be opened to the public in September 2018.

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