6-log efficacy

kill 99.9999%

5 seconds

per square feet

7 minute

contact time

Regulated to the highest standard

by US EPA, FDA, Health Canada, Ministry of Health China,
Taiwan, Israel, S. Korea and more

WHAT is RV Disinfection Robot?

The novel coronavirus has advocated the usage of robots and automation solutions to the new level. These technologies could help deal with the huge ever-increasing disinfection demand.


Different types of disinfection robots are now available in the market. RV’s disinfection robot adopts a low percentage hydrogen peroxide (7.8%) solution and decontaminates on contact, with demonstrated 6-log efficacy (99.9999%) or greater in seconds.


Concerning the need of each company is different since different entities have their own specific needs, presently we help our customers solve this problem by provide providing both disinfection robots selling and/or disinfection services.

WHY RV Disinfection Robot?

  • Outstanding Disinfection Capabilities: kills 99.9999% on of all pathogens with application time of only 5 seconds per square foot and a 7-minute contact time

  • 5 seconds per square feet and 7-minute contact time.

  • Excellent Service Provider: disinfection service supported by professional provider with deep experience.

  • Extra biological testing: chemical and biological indicator to validate the effectiveness of our disinfection service.

  • Disinfection solutions are regulated to the highest standards by US EPA, FDA, Health Canada, Ministry of Health China, Taiwan, Israel, S. Korea and more.

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