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Founded in 2019, V-SMART is the subsidiary of RV Automation Technology Company Limited, providing smart online to offline experience, V- SMART is a one-stop unmanned retail, enabling e-storage, e-keeper, e-sales, and e-cashier.

Thanks to the flexible module structure, V-SMART can be operated in customized area with full unmanned functions, help client to explore various opportunities.

Also, V-SMART supports the online purchase function while customers can pick the goods in shop at any time after their purchase. It results in bringing a fresh and smart shopping experience.

When it comes to big data, V-SMART can help generate the behavioral and purchase data for merchants/ clients’ further use or re-marketing. The sales report can be generated in convenient way and it can help clients to make business decision in more efficient way.

Prime Shop Location:

Location with high footfall, together with a wide surface for promotion.

One-stop Unmanned Retail:

Enable e-storage, e-keeper, e-sales and e-cashier in one-stop robotic operation.

Interactive Kiosk:

Multi-functions including retail operations, video display and detailed product descriptions .

Online-to-Offline (O2O):

Support online purchase function while customers can pick up their orders at V-SMART anytime after placing an order.


Amalgamation of behavioral and purchase data, enabling more effective re-marketing.


Tsing Yi Station Shop

Opening hour: Mon–Sun: 0600-0100

Promotion area: 1.5 x 8 meter sq.

Customer Flow: 4000+ daily

Kowloon Station Shop

Opening hour: Mon–Sun: 0600-0100

Promotion area: 1.5 x 4 meter sq.

Customer Flow: 9000+ daily

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